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Competitions & Exhibitions

Competitions & Exhibitions

29MML (Memorial Maria Louisa) International Mountain, Nature & Adventure Photo Contest

Highly Commended, Topic of the Year: National Parks. (17,000 entries)

28MML (Memorial Maria Louisa) International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photo Contest

Highly Commended, Creative Photo. (15,000 entries)

Artists Exhibition (by invitation) – Society for Marine Mammalogy 2017 Biennial Conference

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (October, 2017)

Big Picture Competition, California Academy of Science

Center for Photographic Arts, Members Juried Exhibition

Award of Merit, 2017

Santa Cruz Art League, Energy & Stillness, A National Abstract Juried Exhibition


Santa Cruz Art League, Arrangements in Black & White, A National Juried Exhibition


Hulas, Santa Cruz, First Friday, Solo Exhibition


Santa Cruz Art League, Solo Exhibit



Interviews & Presentations

Artist Spotlight with Jodi Frediani

Svalbard: Wild Land, Wild Ice, Wildlife

Antarctica and South Georgia: Birds, Beasts & Bold Adventure

Special Arts Report: Marine-Life Photographer Jodi Frediani



Second whale entanglement since start of Dungeness crab season spotted Wednesday

Humpback whales surface only a few feet from kayakers, prompting varied reactions

Get my best side! Spectacular moment whale poses for pictures by leaping from sea just

FEET from two sightseeing boats, by John Hutchinson

Photographer captures stunning killer whale attack on dolphin, by Nadia Drake

How Conservation Photographers Use Images To Save Our Living World, by Alisha Green

Behind the Lens: Jodi Frediani, by J.D. Ramey (pg 76)

11 Secrets of Wildlife Photographers, by Erica Cirino

Amazing Photos Capture Humpback Whales Just Feet From Tour Boat, by Kate Hogan

Blowin' It, by Erica Cirino (pg 86)

Seal Adventure – Coastside State Parks Association

Winner of the BigPictures wildlife images competition 2017 – in pictures

Winners of the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

Are Bubbles a Whale's Way of Giving the Finger? by Erica Cirino

The Big Picture: A showcase of amazing creatures and gorgeous environments – some threatened, some thriving – from around the globe - Read Article

A Killer Whale Killing Spree on the West Coast Is Actually Good News, by Erica Cirino

A date with killer whales, by Jodi Frediani

Mother’s Day – under the sea! Footage captures rare moment humpback whale tenderly feeds her calf underwater, by Luke Barnes

Killer whales pursuing a dolphin off Central California, by Jodi Frediani. Intro by Carl Safina

BBC, Nature’s Weirdest Events, Series 4, episode 3, By-the-wind sailors

Don't you know it's rude to play with your food? Photographer captures astonishing moment hungry killer whale tosses a seal through the air to stun it before it's eaten, by Poppy Danby

Whale, hello there! Photographer captures the incredible moment an open-mouthed humpback whale breaches watery, by Katie Amey

Warmer water temperatures bring southern species, by Samantha Clark

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